When I heard that schools were opening back up, I was worried for the children’s safety since they are not fully aware of the effects of the virus. I wanted to design something that would keep them safe but that was also comfortable and not hindering.

What it does

The face shield attaches to hats to be worn. It has a double attachment that attaches to the face shield and the hat. The part that attaches to the hat can be moved to fit different shaped hat brims.

How I built it

I first prototyped it with household materials I have, binder clips, a plastic bag, bobby pins, and a plastic sheet. I then tried to design the clip concept on solidworks so that it could be 3D printed. Next I created animations to show the concept and how it would work.

Challenges I ran into

I struggled most with creating the design on solidworks. I just began to learn how to use solidworks, so I could have used some more experience to create the design as I had imagined it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of participating in the Hackathon and for the design I came up with in such a short time span.

What I learned

I learned how to work efficiently in a short amount of time. I also learned to reach out and work with others (my mentors) when I am stuck on something.

What's next for Hat attachment face shield

The solidworks design needs to be finalized, printed and tested. Once this design is complete it can be 3D printed and then the face shield can be cut out and attached and then it can be produced to be used in schools.

Built With

  • adobe-animate
  • solidworks
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