As participants of the Swiss health care system, we have been dealing many times with medical treatment & claim process. We come to realize that, the difficulties and pain-points laying in such processes are not only for the patients but also for the insurance provider, doctors, and pharmacies. This motivates and us to solve the problem at a higher level via HaaSist, a Health As A Service platform for all parties.

What it does

HaaSist is an all-in-one health service platform, that simplifies the whole claim process and improves the service experience for all the involved parties, by providing seamless information exchange about prescribed medications and medical costs. Main beneficiaries:


  • Simple & better medical treatment experience, without going through the long process of reaching the correct doctors for consulting / treatment etc.
  • Fast & trustworthy channel to reach medical suppliers with prescriptions
  • Personalized & customized medical taking recommendation and notifications

Insurance Provider

  • Digitalized channel for treatment bill reimbursement and cost efficiency by elimination of laborious manual work

Treatment Provider (doctor etc.)

  • Better overview of patients health & historical treatment records
  • Standardized & digitalized prescription schema improving the treatment document process

Medical Supplier

  • Simple approval process of doctor prescriptions

How we built it

We build our Heath As A Service platform by leveraging the AXA HackZürich API and datasets ( The platform is built to support all kind of devices native mobile and desktop, i.e., backend: node.js frontend(iOS, Andriod & Web): Ionic, Angular etc.

We use Git for our development and collaboration flow.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding complex domain of insurance <-> patient <-> doctor relationship Processing modeling & value proposition so that it's win-win for all parties Proposing the first workflow that could be considered complete - from looking up a doctor through receiving a prescription and buying the medicines to receiving the refund from the insurer

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proposed a solution that could benefit all parties involved Drafting a concept of paperless insurance claim procedures. Avoid the danger of mixing prohibited drugs Simplified doctor appointments to a single click

What I learned

How we can save a lot of money by clarifying misunderstandings How digitalization can improve my health and is also in the great interest of companies providing services to me

What's next for HaaSist

Security and privacy - it is proven that we can preserve communication between patient and doctor while relying the necessary and minimum info to the insurer User adoption Medical profile that allows me to see and track of all meds with a breakdown by substances More channels of communication between patient, insurer, and doctor

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