During the COVID-19 situation, we have to keep a social distancing, we can’t go outside with our friend or family. We can’t enjoy the outdoor activity as we used to do. Moreover, our favourite local shops, restaurant and café had lost a lot of their revenue from less customer came to their places due to no one feels comfortable enough to stay outside for a long time as it used to be. These reasons make us want to develop “HashTrip” application to help them find uncrowded trending location which filtered from your lifestyle and it can help travelling business to gain more customer.

What it does

An application that helps travellers plan their trip and giving the information of trending places filtered from your lifestyle and trending tag searching. The top list of search result will show uncrowded nearby your area to make a safe trip for you. Moreover, HashTrip can notify the date and location of your trip planning to you and your friends.

How I built it

We will develop our application on android and iOS platform as the final consumable software. We will always rethink and retest our UI/UX app to be clear and understandable for everyone. We build our infrastructure as modular or scalable microservices. We code it as clean as possible to be maintainable for our developer, to increase developer productivity. We plan to build it with an agile development cycle, so we can build and release it as soon as possible. We dream to release this application at the best on the first post-pandemic begins. We are not only building a mobile app, but we also make IoT devices, this IoT device will help us and everyone to count the density of the people inside a place, like a cafe, tourism, and others places.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We can help small local business (such as my favourite Ice-cream shop) can survive by always getting customer during the COVID-19 situation and be the one who builds trust for the traveller in travelling safely. Moreover, we feel happy and grateful to be the part who can bring happiness and joy to other people.

What's next for Hashtrip

The first step, we build an app that can recommend uncrowded safe places to visit. To achieve this step, we use some methodology to provide accurate densityÍmight on how we make a partnership with the business.

The second step, we provide a more accurate recommendation based on user interest. To achieve this step, it might take some more times to understand user behaviours on our app.

The third step, we plan to make more partnership with the businesses on the travel field. We plan to add booking features that integrated with the density system and user interest. Beside that, we can help travel businesses can always get people to make their business are running well and raised up.

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