Automating Workflows with Simple Hashtags.

What it does

Take an ordinary hashtag and automate it to create or handle tasks, assign people or even notify the right person for the task. The user creates an update or reply on a source board, if the content includes a hashtag, the app will create a task on a target board.

How I built it

Two recipes, one on the source board and one on the target board. The app is installed on a server and runs on nodejs with a mongoDB to handle users.

Challenges I ran into

Getting back the data from the target board. Solved it with an additional recipe.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having two recipes "talk" to each other through a custom field on a Monday board.

What I learned

That hashtags are useful and that Monday's API is incredible.

What's next for #HASHTASK

Adding a functionality that will allow multiple target boards to one source board.

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