I've been preoccupied with local news reporting and have tried creating projects that haven't worked before. Last year I created a hashtag system that would make it easy for reporters to tag their tweets and for others to find them. I called it #hashtagreporter and... I have about 10 followers on twitter. I'm thinking that with video this might work better.

This is how it works:

Sign up for an account.

Look at existing trending hashtags or add new ones. Record and upload a question, a comment or live footage from the scene.

Look at other reporter's reports and leave video comments to them.

You give the site permission to show the material. There is also an option for broadcasters to contact you and acquire the footage.

You can create a channel that people can subscribe to.

There are several possibilities. One is to invite experts to video chats to reply to some of the questions posted. Another idea would be to cooperate with a news network and create a weekly citizen journalist news show based on hashtag reporter's submissions.

Challenges I ran into:

Time and brainpower. I can do basic websites and I usually copy and paste when I do stuff. That worked well with Ziggeo to a point but to move further I will need some time to tackle it.

What I learned:

Well I'm learning to use Ziggeo. I'd like to learn some of the other API's too but being how slow I am I didn't feel that I would be able to do it today. Instead I focused on tackling basics with Ziggeo.

What's next for #HashtagReporter:

I'll develop it as far as I can and then I'll ask someone else if they want it. I just want a project like this to exist. I'm the news junkie user.

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