We've been boggled by all the clutter of news on the Internet. So we've been looking to find a way to help people become better informed on current events, based on the topic of interest.

What it does

It pulls news data from various news sources via a hashtag input and produces all relevant results to that hashtag. It also informs the user of how positive or negative people are reacting to that topic on the Internet.

How we built it

We used basic web development structure for our groundwork, with Angular 5 as a framework. Python was used as a back-end to produce the functionality that processes raw data into meaningful visualizations.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to solve merge conflicts, since we had time constraints and had to rely on each other to fulfill overlapping responsibilities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to put together a non-trivial application in the span of 24 hours and making it work as expected. It also looks really nice :)

What we learned

Different tools like Flask and integrating Python into a web development back-end. Also, that the news can be very interesting sometimes.

What's next for Hashtaggr

We intend to clean up some of the code using well-established software engineering principles and explore new features to implement, like additional ways to visualize the data.

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