Inspiration to build this hack during this hackathon is that many times a hashtags true meaning is not known to individuals. So, what we thought was let's make something which solves the inadequate information issue and provides more information to the user (so that he can make insightful decision) as twitter is a highly influential platform.

What it does

The application is capable of providing more insights to a user about what a hashtag means (or a trending hashtag to be specific) so that they can make an informed decision. Our hack has something around those along with a feature of the social cause which helps people to contribute (financially) towards the hashtag if it has some real-world purpose. Another feature that we have implemented is based on socket system which helps multiple users connect under the roof of one hackathon and they could decide and discuss more the true meaning of that hashtag. (it is more helpful to give a better insight)

How we built it

The project idea was discussed and work began 11hrs before the deadline. We somehow got into a team of three and got straight into the discussion and decided the stack to be a node, react, mongo, Twitter API. We created a product requirement document which is included in the read me of the repo and then we added endpoints that we require and we implemented the end to end full-scale system and ensure testing for the same. Finally, we deployed it in three separate platforms in a decoupled format(Heroku, netlify, MongoDB Atlas).

we built it in a duration of 16 hrs where 13 hrs was spent towards coding everything and remaining 3 hrs around making ppt and video for the same and some additional time to deploy it to production.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Finding a team
  2. Exploring APIs with limitations.
  3. Coupling multiple systems (created mock server to achieve response until backend was ready)
  4. Unable to achieve socket implementation for quite a long time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Built the entire product with minor bugs.
  2. We were able to deliver it to the best and implemented the most complex feature using socket io for real-time communication.

What we learned

  1. managing time and prioritizing tasks
  2. Establishing a socket for a larger team so that everyone can connect to the same room and discuss.
  3. learning about async/await for scaling the application (during load testing).
  4. Implementing react for a third party API
  5. JWT (JSON Web Token)

What's next for Hashtag

  1. We are planning to fix the bugs that we came across such as scaling socket io in a better way as right now everything is cluttered.
  2. Try to make the implementation more scalable folder structure.
  3. Try to invite more contributors to improve the project.
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posted an update

The application has a socket io implementation which i believe is the show stopper (and we call it the engage platform ) do check it out by opening the hashtag and clicking on engage and ask you friend to open engage for the same hashtag. :D

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