Internet connected color of led string based on twitter hashtag. Social interaction of twitter based input

What it does

when a twitter hashtag or word combination, in this case "TVCOG" the color on the led string cycles through a rainbow

How we built it

The hardware consists of a led light strip controller that was changed via a remote control, an arduino that controls the colors of the led lights, and a raspberry pi that handles the twitter interaction and hardware arduino I/0 with Johnny-Five The led strip controller was used for the mosfets that drive an LED strip, all other chips were stripped off the board to directly connect the arduino pwm to the mosfet input logic. The raspberry pi needed several development packages installed and updated into a new configuration that was sparsely documented on the web.

Challenges we ran into

The remote control on the led strip had limited information on the web and was just hacked for the power mosfet portion

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting Johnny-five running on the raspberry pi

What we learned

Rpi current node application needs to be updated to 4.x to use Johnny-Five

What's next for hashtag enabled led strip using rpi and arduino

Installing the package on a raspberry pi in the COG makerspace for use in the large windows in the space

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