The problem HashPay.AR solves Our project aims at making everyday payments faster and easier!

Following are some highlights of our solution:

Avoid the hassle of entering bank details everytime you make a payment Simply scan a person's face and initiate payment! Easy scan and visual interaction using facial recognition and Augmented Reality Support for transfer of multiple currencies (Nepal Rupees, Indian Rupees) Support for transfer of cryptocurrency (Ethereum) Secure payments using Ethereum blockchain backend User verification using E-KYC Payment using our application is as easy as 3 simple steps:

Scan Face (Deep Learning)-> Choose Currency (AR) -> Enter Amount => Successful Payment Transaction (Blockchain)

Challenges we ran into The biggest challenge for us during this hackathon was to implement AR technology for our application. No one from our team had experience in AR, so it was a completely new and adventurous journey developing the AR part of our application. We spent most of our day learning Unity and other AR tools and finally could come up with what was required.

Also, as our application has many different components coded in various different languages and tools (Machine learning models for facial recognition, AR for visual interaction and Ethereum Blockchain for payment backend ), it was a huge task to combine all of them into one application. After overcoming hundreds of bugs, here we are with the demo of our final application!

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