Internet Computer brings a new paradigm to the Web3 and crypto world, which enables a seamless development and user experience for both application developers and end users. As decentralized applications are booming in the IC ecosystem, we see a huge demand for an integrated infrastructure for ICP holders to take one step further in the IC world, to be an investor and builder in staking, governance, GameFi, DeFi, etc. That's what HashMix ICP will provide, a one-stop terminal for staking, voting, and anything else ICP holders need.

What it does

  • On-demand NNS Staking pool deployed on IC canisters with high APY and great liquidity (stToken called hsmICP issued), user-friendly to every ICP holders, who can get reward, withdraw, vote and even trade directly with their hsmICPs.
  • Decentralized governance protocol for every HashMix ICP stake holders to join in NNS. Users with hsmICPs will work as a DAO to determine HashMix Neurons’ governance activities.
  • HashMix ICP DAO to provide DeFi incentive toolkits and other voting power support for other DApps/infrastructure providers in the ecosystem.

How we built it

We deployed part of our service on a canister thanks to IC. The whole application follows a Web3 application code of design, users can connect their wallet to interact with the application and control their own assets.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge we met is that the IC ecosystem is still premature, not much documentation, libs, frames or tools can be used. Luckily the developer community and dev team is very supportive.

Another big challenge is that canisters can’t create or own a neuron because of the limitation of IC. That means the staking and voting operations can't be completed by the canister itself; some steps have to be operated centrally. We’ll iterate this as the IC system improves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’ve finished the application we designed with key functionality, that’s the most accomplishment for us in the past weeks.

We successfully integrated the NNS staking with our reward distribution system and governance system. HashMix ICP is completely based on IC, and is the first decentralized NNS staking application. We’re proud to be the bridge between ICP holders, IC ecosystem, and IC infrastructures.

We’re also very lucky to meet a lot of IC developers and partners in the ecosystem, working together on the way of building.

What we learned

During the product design and development, we revisited the mechanism of IC, especially canister, learned a lot about developing rules on IC and how to work with the system.

What's next for HashMix

  • HashMix ICP is a long-term project, here are some milestones we’re going to hit.
  • HashMix ICP Staking pool on IC
  • HashMix ICP governance system on IC
  • Audit and Launch
  • Decentralized Node provider program
  • Interact with other DApps in IC ecosystem
  • HashMix ICP DAO ignition
  • More assets supported (both IC and other mainstream assets like BTC, ETH, etc.)


Built With

  • canister
  • ic
  • plugwallet
  • react
+ 103 more
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