Building apps have been my dream since long and it inspires me the most

What it does

It is a basic Microblogging app with a redefined interface.

How I built it

I Built the UI Part on Adobe XD of due to some techinical glitches i could not share the link . I built the android app using Android Studio- Native development on Java

Challenges I ran into

i ran into a lot of challenges while designing the app as deciding a good layout for the app. Also I designed the app which resembled my designed mostly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am glad that i can complete it within two days individually i realised i did a whole lot of work and i am proud of it

What I learned

I learned how to build good UI thanks to our mentor for the webinar and at last living my dreams making apps that is running with no bugs in such less time which is an achievement

What's next for hashit

I would keep refining this app and add more features to it since these 2 days were very less for me to build this app..

I did the whole prototyping on adobe xd

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