Uniswap is the biggest exchange in DeFi today. As Uniswap is based on the Ethereum blockchain, we know there are inherent issues such as transaction deadlines taking far longer than expected (so it's slow) and Ethereum’s gas fees increasing due to the heavy network usage: The network congestion is currently at 97%. (and it’s costly) We all know that isn’t sustainable in the long term.

With HEX, we intend to create a Uniswap-like DEX that's built on world's fastest, most secure, fairest and best governed decentralized network - Hashgraph, and with Hedera's Token Service (HTS), DeFi on hashgraph will be a reality.

What it does

The current version of HEX is a Metamask-like Chrome extension that creates, sends and manages tokens created using HTS. Existing hbar holders can log into their Mainnet accounts through their private keys or mnemonic words, while new users have the ability to create accounts.

How we built it

  • We used AES Symmetric algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the private key using a password.
  • We used React.js for the frontend and Hedera's Hashgraph SDK to interact with the blockchain.
  • No databases or cloud services are used. All data is stored in client side in an encrypted manner.

Challenges we ran into

  • Storing data in an encrypted manner.
  • Limitations of Chrome sync storage quota.
  • The linking of our extension with other websites as there is no proper message passing available in Hedera's Hashgraph SDK.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Finding the best possible way to store data in chrome as it's sync storage had it's own limitations quota
  • Using our own event triggers to link our extension with other websites.

What we learned

  • Hedera's Hashgraph SDK is still maturing and doesn't have proper message passing functionalities like Web3 has for Ethereum.
  • So we had to trigger custom events in other to link our extension with other websites.
  • We were not able to use the hash.js event trigger sdk as it was custom written for Composer.

What's next for Hashgraph Exchange for Chrome Browser

  • Cross platform swapping between HTS tokens and ERC20 tokens.
  • Purchasing Hbars and HTS tokens directly with BTC, ETH, or fiat.

Built With

  • hashgraph
  • react.js
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