My grandfather:- When I was 15 years old , while my grandfather was using industrial pesticide over his garden , accidentally it got spilled over his legs and a smoker unknowingly threw his cigarette over our house boundary and it touched my grandfather and he was shouting with fire over him this continued for 3 minutes but none came near him as none was there in house even the smoker was drunk and he took long to call the firemen . And along with my grandfather our house also burnt with fire and it was a big incident. Since then I was involved in heavy research with making a drone or using top technology to dive into detecting fire in almost all areas.

What it does

Earlier I won a Trello drone from IBM because of my project and this time my Parrot AR Drone drives into detecting fire in almost all areas in in it's vicinity.

How I built it

Mainly I used Python scripting and Azure cognitive services to ensure user gets access to it easily . We have launched it successfully

Challenges I ran into

We faced many bugs and while implementing the code in the model we faced issues like loose connections and malfunctioning of parts . It was difficult for me to build a prototype without access to good resources but finally we did that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I implemented my code alone and built a small project or better say prototype of the actual one and resolved all issues successfully

What I learned

I learned how to work even when our minds are blocked with failures or issues. I faced even breakup so was very sad. Now I want to excel in life after losing so much. I learnt how to overcome failures.

What's next for Hashfly

Using speech to code converter and accordingly we can set the payload so that it can carry strong fire extinguishers and using AI models and algorithms we will surely get through it if Microsoft or any company gives us a small motivation like an award for our work.

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