I've always wanted to do a project with SnapKit. That and potatoes have been a staple part of my diet since I was a little boy, raised in a religion that practices Vegetarianism.

What it does

The app authenticates users via their Snapchat accounts and using SnapKit, brings a variety of features such as LoginKit, BitmojiKit, CreativeKit to the application suite. Users can look up facts on potatoes, play a fun and competitive matching game where they get to see different kinds of dishes made form potatoes, and can even share their results on Snapchat for all their friends to see. The backend portion of the app maintains a leaderboard of top scores for the in-app game.

How I built it

I built this app using Swift and Xcode, called a couple APIs to make it more user friendly and interactive. The iOS SDKs played a huge part in boosting functionality and integrating essential Snapchat features within my app. I will be hosting the backend portion of the service on a cloud platform.

Challenges I ran into

I had to change teams thrice for a variety of reasons. Eventually, I was able to find a place and settle down. On Saturday, I started building this app and immediately faced a hurdle authenticating my user with LoginKit which does not work over a browser and requires the Snapchat App on the iPad platform, at least. I had some issues with CreativeKit but was bale to tweak many of the functions to my favor. I wrote the most code for the initial part, and progressing through the event was getting faster at completing milestones. is still prompting me with a charge so I might look for a different platform to host unless I can resolve it soon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully navigating SnapKit
Single-handedly building this app
Managing the app's design on a four year old iPad Mini 2 without using Autolayout

What I learned

Studying open source commits and repositories in areas where I am facing difficulties is a quick way to resolve an issue by myself
Working with SnapKit
Broadened knowledge of Multithreading
Over 40 potato-related puns

What's next for Hash-tag Snapotato

Launching on the App Store
Building an Android App
Creating a Web Application
Pitching product to Snap Inc.

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