In Ethiopia government control the dispersion media to verify loyal coverage. With close connections to explicit political and financial interests. What is reported is more beneficiary to the government not to the public. Citizen reporters concept of the platform as“ journalism is an act ,not a profession. handle significant approach issues, and become important source of information .And public now can participate in the reporting and making the news and journalism as volunteerism by adopting citizen reporting .my internet media platform will also enable this and build a business model that lets the participant make money out of their contents

What it does

Thereupon my internet-based media platform will focus on the two groups. It will be an interface for opinion makers to create social change. And user generated content. The alternate source of is not only free but also acts fast. The instant feature is one of the smart options for consumers to accept it. Moreover, the ample of information provided by the internet-based media platform which is updated every few minutes, also could be used at anytime and anywhere without taking long time to search a piece of information and reliable free from any influence.

How I built it

Hassab will have two products in the client side the first one is a web app and a mobile app for Android also IOS, along with another app for the content uploader and admin. Hassab use a no-subscription model which makes the user comfortable using it with Free Content Hassab will provide content for free, increasing audience size and therefore advertising revenues will increase.we used react native for the development of mobile app and we used angular js for uploading content.

Challenges I ran into

Innovation in the initiation of access of information From the outside of the “the traditional way of accessing information ”, or more intuitive methods of attaching Hassab to a social fabric. and building the team that believes on the product and contribute with no pay keeping in mind we are doing social entrepreneurship

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

able to pull of a team that works hard with no pay and try to build the best product.

What's next for HASAB (ሃሳብ).

the next step is to release the beta version. Hasab will produce daily content, in which the work of columnists, staff reporters, contributors, photographers, cartoon artists, and its community are featured. It will support three languages English, Amharic and Afan-Oromo. Hassab will include opinions, videos.

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