Jarvis from Iron Man, along with the personal want of having a neat virtual assistant with intelligent responses, capable of being as helpful as a human, with access to vast information in a comfortable, familiar, and intuitive fashion.

What it does

Currently just tells you the weather of a location you ask of.

How I built it

I used Node.js and Javascript to build virtually all of the bot. I had to integrate to allow the bot to understand user input in a dynamic function, the implementation was key, because once Wit is integrated, all that is left is to correctly make API calls, and customize the user experience.

Challenges I ran into

Many server issues, I had to debug, so I moved the bot to my local machine using ngrok. I also had issues with Facebook and their webhooks, getting correct API calls, etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The bot is literally capable of anything now, all I need is to better understand design aspects to deliver information in a eye appealing fashion. I also understand Node far more confidently.

What I learned

A lot of Node.

What's next for Harvey Bot

Implement cards for a better user experience, then extend to more weather functionalities and include more API services to become a true personal assistant.

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