Farmers face a lot of problems in transportation of their harvest, they are overcharged by middlemen and a fixed system is needed to stop the truck drivers and middlemen from extorting money from the farmers.

What it does

Connects farmers with logistics i.e we help the farmers by providing them easy to get and cheap transportation services, with a service similar to carpooling. We are using the exotel apis to make it easy for the farmers to know the truckers connected to us, in their location, with an offline payment system. We have also provided a feed wall system in which the truckers registered with us get to know through feeds about which farmers need their services in a particular area.

How I built it

For frontend using html5,css3,javascipt,jquery and ruby on rails for the backend and exotel api.

Challenges I ran into

integration of exotel apis and problems with ruby on rails.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

used exotel service where customer who is illiterate can talk in hindi and directly use our service without internet access.

What's next for

proper implementation of wepay api , google maps integration and exotel api.

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