A description of your project: One of the core values of Growing Gardens is to connect individuals and communities with the knowledge and skills to provide food for themselves and their communities. Our Share and Search application taps directly into this core to bridge the gap between neighbors and overflowing gardens all over their community in a simple way. Gardeners can list their abundance and community members can look for produce that they need or is near them.

A list of additional features you would add if given more time

  • Filter by location
  • Posting produce
  • Sharing availability of produce
  • Text message confirmations
  • User profile pictures
  • Scheduler pop-up window
  • About Page
  • Different icons for each type of produce

A description of the target audience Our target audience includes individuals who maintain home gardens in the North Portland area and have extra produce, and individuals who are in search of produce.

A description of how each team member contributed Iryna- Backend Vivian- Backend Jen- Frontend Cynthia- Frontend Dulce- Copy/Wireframes

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