The Pitch

For existing as well as new farmers, who want to produce efficiently, Harvest Now is an App for Precision Planting.

Inspiration and Motivations

Harvest Now targets a real-world problem and help the community with Precision Planting.

  • Central Valley the hub of farming.
  • Agriculture based nations like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.
  • Existing farmers to maximize production.
  • Individuals starting out/experimenting.

What it does

Harvest Now helps existing as well as new farmers to help them grow crops efficiently by considering:

  • Geographical Conditions - Location Services
  • Weather conditions - Yahoo weather API
  • Changing landscape - IOT Sensors
  • Soil and Fertility - IOT Sensors

Challenges we ran into

Sorting, Cleansing, and Pre-processing data to fit the current schema. Manual ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Harvest Now Team is very glad to work on finding a solution to this real-world problem and helping the community to produce efficiently.

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