Harvest Helper

Helping you plan to grow your own food right at home!

Planning to become more agriculturally self-sufficient can be overwhelming. But now, HarvestHelper.org brings all the data you need right to your finger tips. Simply enter a location, and you'll get climate data, a list of suitable crops for your climate, and data on other people in your area (within 5 degrees of latitude and longitude) that are growing their own crops. Furthermore, select what climate-suitable produce you want to grow, and instantly get numerous recipes using those items. HarvestHelper.org makes growing and making your own food less complicated so people are more likely to begin the journey to a more sustainable future.

First, we used the AccuWeather API for location autocomplete and for getting up-to-date climate-zone information on the location that the user enters. Then, we used the GrowStuff.org API to get data on what other people are growing in your area and what recommendations/results they have. Finally, we used the Food2Fork.com API to get numerous popular recipes that use the items that the user can grow in their climate.

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