Before the COVID-19 crisis, over half of Americans’ food bills were spent outside at restaurants and other foodservice locations. The coronavirus has massively disrupted the food supply chain. Usually, farmers’ biggest clients are the foodservice industry, including restaurants, universities, and stadiums, but social distancing guidelines have forced many of these places to scale down or completely shut down their operations. This has put a huge strain on farmers and food producers. The demands for agricultural products on the market are shrinking rapidly, causing farmers to have to throw away their fruits and crops they have grown for years.

Therefore, I provide the new “Harvest Bridge” platform for farmers to overcome this difficult time. Farmers can choose the best way from diversified sales models to sell agricultural products using multiple channels to prevent unsalable agricultural products and get the most benefits. On the other hand, consumers can choose different channels to support their favorite farms and purchase fruits. Not only can they buy the freshest seasonal fruits with the most inexpensive and cheap prices, but also support the farmers’ economy to form a positive cycle.

Core Value

Our core value is to enable the sharing of the economy between farmers and consumers. Farmers provide their fruit trees for rent to receive early funds for planting and also have guaranteed income of harvest. It can help farmers feel comfortable planting their fruits and without worrying about sales problems. Without the cost from the dealers, consumers can pay the cheapest price and receive the freshest fruit directly from farmers.

Harvest Bridge platform was built using PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Nothing is hard-coded, so all inputs are stored into the database. I started building this website with a diagram. I believe that having a reference is very important to keep my goal throughout the whole Hackathon.

I have faced many challenges during this Hackathon, including setting up my own domain and database, code the whole website frontend + backend all by myself in three days, and to figure out different bugs in my code. Eventhough there were many challenges, I definitely learned a lot and gained more experience in coding and business model.

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