Farmers lose $17 billion every year from preventable crop loss caused by water stress.

California farmers use 26 billion gallons of water every day.

We spoke with farmers at the local farmer's market - everyone said the number one problem they have is telling if their crops are suffering from water stress and other deficiencies!

What it does

Harvest is a cheap crop stress detector that cost less than $50 to build. It's a modified point and shoot camera with the infrared filter removed and a new filter put in. It can fly on a drone, plane, or in our case, a balloon.

Harvest also provides a web app that processes these infrared images and shows "hotspots" and allows you to compare originals with the analyzed images, and compare your crops over time.

Our software also pulls in Landsat imagery, weather, and makes smart suggestions.

This is disruptive

The infrared camera and our analysis algorithm actually works. We field tested this yesterday at a park in SF (see pictures) and our field test analysis clearly showed signs of underwatering.

We're 100x cheaper than the closest commercial alternative, a $7000 drone that requires special training and runs out of power in minutes.

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