Inspiration Neural plasticity and Development (Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, etc.) Inspiration came from the Mind Brain Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where new cutting edge research opens doors into learning about the human mind starting at the infant level. Sunaina is a graduate student there. The neuroscience field is burgeoning, especially with the new neurotools. This is giving insight as to how we develop to learn, think, and execute at the fundamental level--these are images from fMRI to EEG. This provides the precise prime windows as to when the brain is at it's prime plasticity moment and start providing experiential exposure or training then. This leads cognitive tasks that can be done at the prime time to not only enhance a child's development but also prevent (as much as possible) developmental disorders. Basically, it comes down to the concept that everyone has the capability to enhance in their developmental skills, from math to reading.

What it does; Using your child's age as well as if they have any developmental disorders, we provide specific cognitive training tasks for the parents to do with their children. These tasks are within a certain months of a child's developmental years. These months or time periods are based off of neuroscience research.

How I built it : we used Swift

Challenges I ran into: to include all the complexities within a 36 hour timeframe

Accomplishments that I'm proud of; this can not only helps educate and enhances children's learning capability but also contributes towards prevention (or intervention) measures of developmental disorders. Also, it was great meeting the people in the team and building team building skills, as well as communication skills to build team morale, manage effectively and efficiently.

What I learned; learned more about computer science and the different components that lead to a beautiful and useful piece.

What's next for Harvard Baby : To incorporate new research to update the time frames or add more time frames. Also, find more research that highlights cognitive tasks that could be helpful. We would love it for it to come to market for all parents in the world and let them know that all children can be leaders (or inventors or anything they want to be!).

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