Our project involves an educational website that helps student who are struggling in math, science, history and English. We have come up with this idea because of the amount of students that are challenged in school, or find themselves behind throughout their life during high school and how that creates problem for not only them but the Houston community as well.

According to Texas.gov information, the texas high school dropout rate in the year of 2015 was approximately 12% but we can do better than that, and we can do so by giving the students a new way to learn and that's what Harry's Owl is for.

Our website integrates a study forum where students can upload resources, talk about certain subjects and topics they're struggling with, a tutoring page where Houston high school students can host video conferences and help each other, especially when they need help in a math problem, a video conference allows them to go through math problems easily and provides more help than actual videos that you can find in youtube and other video video sharing websites. the website will also have a point based ranking system where students get points by sharing resources and tutoring.

Students will also be able to create quizzes and quiz themselves and others so that they can prepare for any exam they have coming up.

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