While brainstorming, our team thought about real-world problems that our project could solve. Our thoughts kept returning to the pandemic and the way it has affected the way people communicate. How can we make it easier for friends to connect and have fun with each other virtually? Since the pandemic has isolated people, we had a vision with Harmonyy that we could bring friends back together. We wanted to make a platform that could address these issues. Thus, Harmonyy was created!

What Is Harmonyy?

Harmonyy is a minimalistic and intuitive website that simplifies the messaging and gaming process. By having both features on one easy-to-use platform, it makes connecting with friends incredibly effortless. Try it out below, whether it be sending messages using the search bar for their username, or playing games with friends!

What We Learned

This project taught us the importance of planning out the front-end and back-end before starting! By taking a moment to pause and set up a flowchart for the back-end, it became a lot easier to visualize the necessary code. The front-end was the same idea, and we used apps like Procreate to plan colour schemes and layout. This enabled the process to become a lot more straightforward and we could split up tasks to be more efficient. Furthermore, by using technologies that we were less familiar with, like SQL, we learned a lot from coding. Overall, it was an incredible experience!

How Harmonyy Was Built

What if we had a game called Monster Create? What if we had a messaging feature that could connect users? A homepage that indicates current and new features? **By using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and SQL, we were able to create a functioning platform with these ideas.

Challenges We Faced

The initial planning stage was definitely a challenge for us, as well as debugging minor issues with the UI and back-end. We went through a lot of ideas before settling on this one since it was something that we are passionate about and used familiar and unfamiliar technologies. Debugging was also quite a challenge due to the amount of code to sort through and review.

We hope this platform brings you Harmonyy!

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