Andre, Muhammed, Kyle, Jacob and I came together to develop an application that helps us stay organized amongst the myriad of artists and bands out there. A core problem with the music industry is the fragmented streaming platforms that do not cater to both mainstream and indie artists. It is difficult to find vague remixes on Spotify, while the sites that host indie music don't host the mainstream artists as well. Harmony merges both the Soundcloud and Spotify services into one seamless streaming experience on your Android device. Adding tracks from Spotify or Soundcloud is as easy as 2 taps. Once your music is in the Harmony playlist songs can be streamed, shuffled, or looped from either source without any effort from the user. Our target audience is fellow music enthusiasts like us are passionate about always having an awesome music experience. We are most proud of our unique GUI with dynamic backgrounds that always complements each track. We hope that our app can not only change our lives, but the lives of other avid music listeners everywhere.

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