Are home sick, want to to go back home? Well, our product makes you feel you are at home and might even change your opinion to "Home is where Harmonika is".

What does your product do? Harmonika a mobile controlled IoT platform that is friendly, custom, helpful and Intelligent. It can sense your activities, customizes music as a reflection of your activities and learns as you engage with it.

  1. Why is it unique? Unlike applications which are constrained to a functionality, Harmonika is based on a generic platform providing the flexibility.

  2. How does it serve the customer?

    Harmonika makes your mornings better with pleasant music, Greets you appropriately, Set reminders, read emails Plays music that best suits your mood and other physical factors in the place of your choice in your house. Reads out trending topics/ news from the source of your choice It makes your presence felt with its pre recorded sound of your voice that may sooth your pets/baby while you are away.

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