What is Harmonaize?

Need songs for a road trip? Feel like your studying playlist could use a new song? Just want to listen to new music? How will you find the perfect song?! Fear not! You’re already on the right track, just upload a picture.

Harmonaize generates a song based on a pic you upload. The song that is generated comes from the content of your picture. Upload that artsy halloween pic you posted on Instagram, and expect to get a song like “Thriller”.

When you don’t have time to think of the perfect song for the occasion, let Harmonaize pick it for you. Begin here to “Picture Harmony”…


Anyone who listens to music! Branch out of your comfort zone and listen to some new music without having to search for it.


Harmonaize is completely free!


“Solid Idea" -Matt O' Hagan // Hacker

"That's so cool Can't wait to see it!" -Angela Don // First -Time Attendee

How does it work?

Once you upload a picture, Clarifai generates tags that are related to it. The tags are used to pull music from our imagery cloud back to you.

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