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Mobile friendly version of Harlemtech Website

The new website is built using a CMS system called LocomotiveCMS. This CMS is coded using Ruby On Rails and it's easy to use for non-tech people as it has a simple interface for adding content entries.

As a coder, I can confirm that LocomotiveCMS was helpful when adding test data (including images). In the page implementation area there was "Liquid language" and by using its simple tag syntax I was able to pull data and presentation together.

In the frontend, thanks to libraries such as:

...implementation for being "mobile friendly" was painless


  • Profile Locator
  • Search using name, category and tags
  • Click Profile in list to locate in Open Street Map (leaflet.js)
  • List pagination
  • Sortable list by name or category
  • Clickable Profile Marker (in map)
  • Go to Profile website
  • Show detailed Profile information

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