We wanted to address the need for non-profits to have up to date hardware infrastructure to operate in today's fast paced digital world. Inspired by many of the online marketplace, crowdfunding, and donation services, SwampSwap was our way of coming up with something that would revolutionize how people dispose of their electronics as well as keep many non-profits supplied with technology.

What it does

SwampSwap allows good Samaritans to list hardware they are able to donate and give non profits an easy way to view what they are interested in and contact donors. The website has an easy to use interface for adding items to the list, as well as for non-profits to add their needs and interests. We securely store emails and location info that is given to us by users, and give users the choice to communicate with each other by having our website email the user instead of giving the email to anyone who requests to contact a user.

How We built it

Back end developed in Python framework Django, front end done with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Server is hosted through Linode. Data is stored through RethinkDB to allow fast simple transfer of data. This is supported by encryption to keep emails and location data secure.

Challenges We ran into

Coming up with the final idea and logistics of our service, full stack deployment, and many of the front-end improvements that needed to be made.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Having a product that is easy to use, improve, and roll out, while also being conscious of the security of our users. SwampShare is simple, and that's what it relies on to be effective and have privacy in mind.

What We learned

Incorporating many different frameworks and technologies into one coherent application. Developing from the start with data security in mind. Furthering our team's skills in back end web frameworks, front end development, database implementation, and database and web security.

What's next for SwampSwap

More security, authorizing non-profits, better UI/UX, and adding support for electronics salvage yards, improved database features and efficiency, and more domains and possibly a mobile application.

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