What is mixMotion

mixMotion is a company specializing in interactive art installations. The projects range from client to client, and range from small props to entire overhaul of event experience. Some projects that have been done in the past can be seen at their website linked here.

My Role

mixMotion is a small company. At the time I joined, there were four other people working there. Three employees managed the business side of the company while I worked with an industrial designer to make the technical magic happen. Shortly after I joined, three other interns joined and the industrial designer left. I took the role of Technical Lead of the company.

What I Did

I led the technical team to prototype new projects and improve existing ones. The major projects I worked on were Kamiko V2, the Interactive Light Installation, Tagtool, and the Breathing Wall. Details on the projects can be found on the project pages, if provided, or in person.

During my time at mixMotion, I used tools such as a laser cutter and 3D printer. I became the go to in operating, modifying, and fixing the 3D printer that mixMotion owned. I also designed an Arduino Replacement Board to replace the boards used in most of the prototype projects. This cut down the cost of the arduino board by 66%.

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