Hardware hacking always seemed intimidating so I wanted to find a way to make it easier to hack with hardware. Also my IR Temperature sensor broke so I had to improvise. Iterating through the best ways to read data from an Arduino I felt that reading directly from the serial port was not efficient.

What it does

Hardware lab let's you easily test different hardware sensors without needing to write any Arduino Code. It also creates REST endpoint for the sensors you have added to your hardware lab so that you may use them as a Microservice if your hack has multiple parts or if you're more comfortable using other languages. Hardware lab also let's you monitor the sensor values directly from within the dashboard with needed to do any conversions or calculation. Hardware Lab is directly plug and play with many Arduino boards and will automatically find the board without needing to give a specific serial port.

How I built it

Hardware Lab was built using a Node.js backend using Express to expose the REST APIs for the sensors. The sensor data and calculations are being done through Johnny 5 which allows you to read Arduino Data in an event driven way instead of reading directly from the serial port.

Challenges I ran into

This hack was not what I was working on initially but having run into many problems working with hardware and trying to get data from different sensors gave me the idea to build out something to help other hardware noobs such as myself. Having only 10 hours to complete this hack at the point I realized my other hack was not feasible made this a difficult task. Being a solo hacker is also hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got Hardware hack working! It's also very extendable so I will definatly be using this next time I'm working with hardware again.

What I learned

How to work with hardware overall, every time I have attempted to work it I've had issues but working on this project to facilitate that experience made me more aware of what goes into working with different sensors.

What's next for Hardware Lab

Add in more Sensor compatibility, Currently Proximity sensors, Barometer Sensors, and Altimeter Sensors are all working.

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