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Rooms with over a large number of people are a big problem when it comes to safety hazards. How can we find an efficient way of counting the number of people in a room in order to ensure safety? By creating an automated counting system, Noggin Login is a more precise and effective way of doing exactly this!


As first-time college students, we were shocked by the sheer size of lecture halls and class sizes. However, it quickly became apparent that class attendance varies on a day to day basis, with a noticeable decrease as a quarter comes to a close. We realized that collecting data of the amount of students in a lecture hall would be quite useful, including for:

  • Studying possible correlations of class attendance with average grades/passing rates
  • Studying trends of class attendance and how they correlate with certain events/the nth week of a quarter
  • Monitoring class attendance against the amount of seats for adjusting waitlists

The hack isn't just limited to the classroom; Noggin Login could be used in any public area that could use some head-counting to determine how many people visit the space over time! We all complain about the cost of iClickers, and installing this headcount camera would reduce the money needed in your college fund. Without needing to thinking about this extra investment, we could all focus on our education and get the best out of our experience in college.


  • Clone the repository
  • Install pip, OpenCV, imutils, and pySerial
  • Download the Arduino IDE and connect Arduino as displayed by given imagers
  • python --prototxt MobileNetSSD_deploy.prototxt.txt --model MobileNetSSD_deploy.caffemodel (Run in terminal, python or python3 depending on your system)


  • Head counter that adds up the total amount of people in a room
  • Arduino with an LCD displaying the live count of people
  • Website that displays the live count of people


  • Connecting the Python data of head counts to display on the LCD attached to the Arduino
  • Figuring out the correct algorithm to increment and decrement the amount of people that are detected
  • Understanding the functions of an Arduino


  • Printing out the number of people onto the LCD
  • Website that would potentially broadcast a live count of the people in a room





  • OpenCV


  • Arduino


  • Logo


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