EM - HardEmulationLab

Team: Ragul 0275 Jie Feng 0667


We have always been curious about how computer work at the silicon level and have wanted to make TTL breadboard computers before we pass on. This was a close attempt by building a Z80 carrier platform to simulate how computers work at the fundamental level.

What it does

You can write assembly and physically see it get consumed and processed by a Z80 and see each clock cycle trigger interrupts.

How we built it

Z80 + tons of wires + tons of code

Challenges we ran into

Hardware debugging in a hackathon environment is quite tough. Wires often don't make good electrical contact

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It actually works!

What we learned

Z80 Instruction Set and Timing Stuff correction among different types of cmos

What's next for HardEmulationLab

More processors!

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