The Inspiration

  • Being brothers, we both have a very similar interest in vintage computing, and retro consoles. For this hackathon, we felt that we should truly challenge ourselves more than ever before by programming for one of our favorite consoles; the Sega Genesis

Our Project

  • We decided to make a game that we dubbed "Harbor Defense" where a player could move a cursor around the screen to fire at enemy boats

  • The cursor would be moved with a homemade motion controller as an extra challenge for ourselves

How we Built it

  • We built our motion controller using the internals of a Sega genesis controller, an Arduino nano, and a gyroscope

*The game itself is written in 100% 68000 Assembly language in order to take full advantage of the Sega genesis's hardware capabilities (The program ended up being over 4000 lines of code!!!)

  • Additionally we used SGDT (a simple tile editor), and created a tile generator in java to aid us with creating the graphics in the game

What we learned/Challenges faced

  • We quickly learned that programming in 68k assembly would be no easy feat, and that the Sega genesis (being 30 year old hardware) suffered from many limitations and quirks of its own

*Despite being up till around 5:00 in the morning, we managed to finish the project having gained a lot of experience in 68k Assembly

Built With

  • 68kassembly
  • sega-genesis
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