Main Idea

Hara App: Bring Happiness to Society. With Hara app, you can become a volunteer, help others and actually make a difference.

Inspiration / Our Philosophy

With the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic, governments around the world have issued guidance for their citizens to practice social distancing and stay at home. Now more than ever, we have to help each other and actually make a difference. COVID-19, previously known as Coronavirus, has killed more than 30.000 people and infected over 500.000 people in over 144 countries. This number keeps increasing every single day. The most vulnerable parts of the population are at great risk and they should avoid leaving the comfort of their own homes. But some of them need to go out at least once per week to buy medicine or do groceries. This consists a major threat to their health as they might get exposed to the deadly for them virus. In addition, previously blood donors are forced to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. This has led to a shortage of hospital’s blood supplies. With Hara we decided to change that by bringing volunteers together.

Hara is the Greek word (Χαρά) for happiness. The happiness to become a volunteer, to bring joy to others and help others. The chance to do more, to give more, to love more, to live more. Even in these uncertain times, there are no limits to the compassion and solidarity. It’s what makes us humans after all. Volunteerism is a form of love rooted in the idea that a better future is always possible. This is our philosophy and it is reflected on our logo, the Bluebird: a symbol of happiness in many cultures around the world.

What it does

With COVID-19 as a global pandemic and with the problems it has caused, with Hara app we wanted to focus on three specific tasks that are of crucial importance: Volunteerism, Blood Donation and Charity Events. In the volunteerism area, it works like this:

  1. Provide your personal details and become an active volunteer for an hour.

  2. People in need nearby can contact you either by phone or email.

  3. You can buy them medicines, food, do their shopping, keep them company (especially for people who are alone) and assist them with anything else they might need.

Blood supplies are in shortage the last days due to the coronavirus and with Hara app you can learn about blood donations in hospitals nearby.

Finally, a number of organizations / partners can organize charity events and advertise them in the app. Our users can also contact our partners and organise an event in their area on their behalf and of course with their support.

How I built it

Android App: As a Google Certified Associate Android developer, I used Android Studio and Java programming language to code the app and xml files for the app’s layout.

Database: For the backend, I used Firebase as my online live database to send and receive data.

Demo: We have included a demo video on our website under “Gallery” section: https://www.hara-app.com

Our Story

In 2013, the idea is born but only as a high school student I did not have the necessary technical knowledge. In 2017, after my freshman year at university the first functional prototype called CharityMe was created. It was based on a RestAPI. In 2019, CharityMe (v2) supported an online live database where volunteers could make requests and add their availability. In 2020, the final version of the app was elegantly designed with additional functionalities.

We hope that you’ll like it and it will actually make a difference in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic!

Find out more

You want to find out more?

Visit our website at: https://www.hara-app.com

And join us in this amazing journey.

What's next for Hara

  1. We hope that you will like it and with the necessary promotion through major platforms people will be aware of the benefits that Hara can bring to them.

  2. Charity organizations will contact us and get registered in our platform.

  3. Hospitals will contact us and get registered in our platform.

  4. Final tests of the app will take place and with the necessary support the app will launch on Google Play.

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