Web Dev made haptic

Haptic Web Developer utilizes the cutting-edge Sensel to allow anyone to draw our their websites and instantly deploy to AWS. Utilizing tapping, swiping, and dragging motions, you are able to add text boxes, shaped regions, and images to a web layout. Haptic Web Developer uses your input to generate a website in real-time. When you are done, Haptic Web Developer will deploy your website to AWS and automatically send you a copy via email through SendGrid.

How it works

Haptic Web Developer uses a grid system to assist the user in drawing out boxes, text boxes, and image frames. Text boxes can contain text taken from user input. Images are generated from search terms provided by the user. The user is free to arrange these boxes throughout the grid. While the user is drawing, Haptic Web Developer is continuously converting the drawing on the canvas into a website and deploying it to AWS. Anybody with the correct link is able to view the website as it comes together! Once the user has signaled that he or she is finished, Haptic Web Developer will email the user a copy of the website for safe keeping. The file the user receives is open for further editing and customizing in any environment of the user's choosing.

What's next for Haptic Web Developer with Sensel

Much more robust image handling, advanced color and theme control, and extensive linking are all on the way!

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