Inspired by the muscle memory required for technical sports like whitewater kayaking or golf, this device aims to optimize the wearer's performance.

It measures upper body motion of user, sends signal out using low energy Bluetooth to software on a computer analyze output. In our prototype, we show the position of the sensor in 3D space, but many other visualization and analysis techniques could be used. For example, celebrity endorsement allowing users to compare their own motion to pro athletes.

If developed into a product, we'd sell a kit containing the sensor, and the larger unit containing the battery, Bluetooth, and CPU. This would be a one-time investment and include a a sensor of higher quality than the one we used. Then we'd sell shirts containing a a slot for the sensor, and conductive thread down to the belt for the larger unit. Compared to sewing the sensor into the shirt, his allows the shirts to be less expensive, washable, water- and sweat-proof, and available in many sizes and colors.

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