This idea came when the team learned about Tanvas' haptic feedback touchscreen. This new technology creates a new experience for the user.

What it does

It outlines what a haptic responding virtual DJ environment would behave.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges were visualing this new sensation and manipulating it to have a impactful effect on the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Tackling behaviors that cannot be accomplished currently with new haptic reponses. An example of this would be button presses since the current model of the touchscreen does not have the capacity to create a haptic reponse to static (non-moving) presses on the screen.

What I learned

We really appreciated thinking of how this new revelation in sensations would improve the end user experience.

What's next for Haptic Mixer

Hopefully, with help of the development team, we will able to implement our application into the dev kit.

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