Since social distancing, we have lost the habit of "shaking hands", thereby losing the custom of ackowledging each other's presence and granting full attention and respect to one another. The same happens during video conference calls, where the discussion usually starts with difficult connectivity issues and mic/video checks. This has none of the core attributes of a good handshake.


By using vibrotactile capabilities of today's smartphones, "Haptic Handshake" gives video-conferencing apps this opportunity. This feature allows any participant to trigger a unique and personal vibrotactile pattern on the other participants' device, as a display of respect and attention.

The vibrotactile pattern can be seen as a "signature", characteristic to each individual, exhibiting personal features.

Profiles required

  • Human factors specialist (e.g. SV or industrial design)

  • Android/iOS developper

  • Network back-end developper

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