Haptic Braille

  • This application was written to interface with the Vibrotact Vibratto.
  • It teaches how to interpret haptic braille using several basic examples.
  • Web application to learn to understand braille through haptics, tactile feedback which recreates the sense of touch using complex vibrations.
  • Characters are sent through serial to the Vibratto Board which controls an array of 3x2 6g coin vibrators.
  • Wrote arduino sketch to translate from text to haptic braille representation.
  • Interface for 'learn' and 'practice' applications.
  • Learn application uses visual and tactile information to ensure the efficient learning of haptic braille (double encoding).
  • Practice application sends the haptic representation of a random character and the user needs to select the correct choice to receive the next character


You need to run braille-uno when using it https://github.com/tomasero/braille-uno

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