UPDATE 4 - 26/02/2015

  • Changed the tag line in the app to : Simile, you are about to do something awesome. My yoga instructor always tells us to smile when we are doing hard moves. I felt it was quite appropriate as a tag line in happy quest to inspire the right mind set before undertaking a task.

UPDATE 3 - 23/02/2015

  • Removed local notifications as there is a bug in the plugin I am using causing spam. Thanks Vince.
  • Added Focus Tips - Check the Menu

UPDATE 2 - 25/01/2015

The bug fixes and process improvements went out last week.

UPDATE 1 - 16/01/2015

I have improved the video to give more detail on HappyQuest.
I plan on updating the application to address bugs and improve the process this weekend.

What inspired it?

I have been using this technique to achieve great things for both work and personal goals for years. I felt this competition was a perfect opportunity to formalize the process and make and app. The apps main focus is on the fact that happiness results from achievements while in flow.

What makes it unique?

HappyQuest improves upon the Pomodoro technique by allowing users to focus on task for more then 25 minutes. I believe to properly achieve flow one needs between 50 and 90 minutes time to focus on an activity.

When one achieves flow they are operating at maximum productivity, and productivity equals happiness. The more I achieve while in flow the happier I am. My wife found she was 4x more efficient when marking end of term papers using the HappyQuest technique.

We felt a framework designed to facilitate achievement must be quick, easy and simple to use. No long surveys, silly prompts to answer questions and no navigating around to find how well you are doing. It should all fit on the screen allowing a user to focus on achieving, not figuring out how to use the application and getting frustrated.

What problem is it solving?

It is meant to address a key problem with productivity; the wandering mind problem.

It does this by guiding the user through a preparation phase prior to creating a time boxed goal. This ensures their mind and physical environment are free from distractions. This allows the user to focus on setting and achieving their goal my entering a state of flow.

There are five categories users must acknowledge before starting a task.

  • Body - Change clothes, use the toilet, get comfortable.
  • Hunger - Have a snack, hot or cold drink, prepare your body.
  • Monologue - Acknowledge, discard or defer other thoughts. Focus.
  • Materials - Do you have everything you need to complete this task?
  • Environment - Noisy, silent or with music, make it ideal for you.

Who should use it?

The application is targeted at anyone interested in being more productive. It has been used in the Software Development and Educational industries. I would be interested in seeing how well it applies to other sectors.

Key Elements

There are the unique features of the application that make it stand out.

  • The simplicity of it. It fits on a single screen and takes only moment to become familiar with.
  • It has basic gamification elements to encourage continual use. I will be expanding upon this in coming releases.
  • It has a clean and beautiful look and feel.

Where to get it?

Available on the Google Play store. Download HappyQuest

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