Happy Party!

Did you ever wonder where people are partying the happiest? This application will answer this question once and for all. We collected a large set of photos from various parties all over Switzerland and used Microsoft's emotion detection to determine the average happiness of the partygoers per event. The results are shown as colorcoded circles on a Map of Switzerland which represent the respective events and their hapiness score (red: unhappy, green: very happy).


Before you can run the web application you need the install the following Python libraries: 'pip install '. Please make that you use Pyhton 3.5.

  • django
  • django-leaflet

This is sufficient to run the web application. If you want to play around with the crawler and data import tools the following library is also required:

  • scrapy (Python 2.7!!!)

  • The Microsoft (for emotion detection) and Google API keys (location search) will be disabled once the project repository's visibility is set public.

Run the project

  • install all the dependencies
  • clone the repository
  • Start the server: cd django python manage.py runserver
  • visit http://localhost:8000/party/map
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