Pursuit of Happyness

Happyness is a mobile app created by John (Jung) Lee, Matthew Chiang, and Yujun Cho. Happyness aims to provide an easy way to record how your day went, analyze your entries, and change your life to become happier.


Isn't happiness spelled with an i?

Yes, we intentionally spelled happiness with a y. This was inspired from the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness.

Prior to developing Happyness, our team had thought of quite a few project ideas to do. However, none of them seemed to meet our expectations in a mobile app.

People today would love to have a journal that keeps logs of their lives and have something to laugh and relive later on. However, the problem with journaling is that it takes too long to write and it's hard to really know which were the best moments of your life.

What our team wanted to do was to enable people to be able to quantify their day in a matter of seconds.

Happyness is simple. You record your feelings so that you can see how you feel throughout your life and analyze yourself. Quantified self takes dedication, but once you log many entries, you'll be able to recognize what should be done more frequently in your life in order to make positive changes. OddLook's goal is to better peoples' lives through simple and easy-to-use applications; and Happyness is only the beginning. Enjoy!

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