When we were given Microsoft's case: Medical Democratization, we tried to think of some ways that we could make the text easier to understand. We thought about some ideas from health guidelines to a health game that taught users medical jargon terms. In the end, we dropped the health guidelines idea and realized that the game could've been a decent idea, although due to our lack of experience we decided to go with something that we thought would be challenging, yet something do-able for us: a dictionary.

What it does

Our program is very simple: Requests the user to input medical text, and from there they can read it and identify any words or jargon they don't understand. They can input those terms in our little dictionary and view their definitions.

How we built it

Our program was built using We used a node.js project and implemented HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a site. We called XMLHttpRequests to retrieve data for the words which included their definitions.

Challenges we ran into

Saying that the challenges we ran into were limited would be an understatement. Initially, our idea was to allow users to choose one of their medical PDFs, get the text scanned and translated, and searched for medical terms, but we could not accomplish any of that due to our lack of experience and skill. On the first day, we only got the HTML/CSS portions of the site done. Only in the last 15 hours of the hackathon, we dropped whatever we knew we couldn't handle to at least create something that would work and could be used. Even then we still encountered countless more issues; however, we wouldn't give up so easily, so we either came up with a fix or changed our design to produce the project we have now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of submitting a working project to the hackathon. At first, we did not think we would be able to complete a project due to our inability, but we were proud that we were at least able to learn something while working together on the project.

What we learned

We learned a lot more HTML/CSS/JS skills, gained a deeper understanding of how different languages interact with each other, and learned more about client-side and server-side scripts. Furthermore, we learned how to create web requests and get information from sites (even if the site was only text :P).

What's next for HappyHealth

We are really excited about our future plans for HappyHealth! While we still need to build a foundation for our skills, we are looking forward to adding both text and PDF files to be scanned and translated. With this, our program can identify medical jargon or advanced terms and output them with their definitions and examples as a list to the user. Also, we realized that users could input any term to acquire their definitions, even if it was non-medical, so maybe we should stick to medical-only terms next time. :)

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