There are more and more burn outs happening and many people not so happy at work.

What it does

Implemeted prototype:

Detect mood from a photo and based on the result, make the robot react appropriately

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for HappyEmployee

Scenario 1

Desktop application to detect employee mood in the office and find a way to cheer them up (show a joke or a funny picture) if they are sad or keep them in a good mood by showing a positive note.

The solution represents a way to keep employees in good mood and also monitor the level of satisfaction in the office, so that measures can be taken if need and also evaluated. For example, does giving the employees fruits/ chocolate for free have a positive affect on the team, environment?

Scenario 2

Extention of sceario 1, where a self moving robot is checking the facial expressions of employees and tries to react appropriately - cheer them up (hug them) or being excited when they seem happy.

Prototype limitations:

Development done on MacBook with Python 3.6.2 (for this version the libraries to control the camera are supported only for Windows and Linux) therefore we used only a link to a photo from the internet.

Teammembers for HackZurich

  • Bianka Dorova
  • Melanie Langbein

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