Onboarding in a new company can be disorientating. New employees need to find the right people that can mentor them or simply people to share a lunch and to hang out with. That's our aim.

What it does

HappyBot simplifies organizing events that gather employees of the company and helps them finding right informations. By chatting with him, you can plan a lunch with colleagues, meet a experienced mentor or just find your way through the company.

How we built it

We have made a bot runned by PHP that connects to the Real Time Slack API with a web socket and waits for chatting. As it's only a demo, business logic is made with a simple state machine.

Challenges we ran into

We have encounter some problems on choosing the right technology to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have made a functional bot you can chat with! We have successed in connecting our bot to Slack API.

What we learned

We have learned how to use a HTTP API, connect with a web socket, retrieve message from Slack and answer accordingly.

What's next for HappyBot

Train the bot with machine learning and complete its features.

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