We believe people from Timisoara want to be happy & healthy and our happybike app (iOS & Andriod) can do that. We want to help people enjoy their days by taking their bike out for a ride more often.

What it does

Below are some of the features that we'd like to implement at HackTM2017.

• Bicycle trails from Timisoara visible on map.
• Safe places to let your bicycle.
• VeloTM spots (+ how to navigate from current location).
• Implement weather forecasts and send on-boarding messages via push notification to users.
(Today is going to be 23°C sunny. Why don't you take the bike out for a ride?)
• Rate the safety level of Timisoara zones (highlight colors: red, yellow, green, grey)
• Add the possibility for people to create bike events. Create event. Send invite. Accept/Decline. Join event.
• Security system → Scan bike code and take picture. Before purchasing a bike scan the code to see if it was stolen. Image recognition.

• Add custom bicycle trails.
• Add custom points of interests close to the trails.
• Mark the safety level of trails/Quality of trails.
• Connect with Facebook to see your friends on map. Send invite. Accept/Decline.
• Help Wanted. Send push notifications and show on map the location.
• Service and shops for bicycles on map and how to navigate to.
• Find my bike.

How we built it

Native iOS & Native Android

Challenges we ran into

VeloTM closes at 10 PM.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have push notifications that can inform the user about the weather and if it's a good day to bike.
We have the map with current location.
We have VeloTM spots on map.
We have bycicle trails on map.

What we learned

We need sleep...

What's next for happybike

Make it public.

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