For the HappinessApps hackathon, the HappyBeam team interviewed 57 unhappy people that used to meditate. We wanted to know why they stopped meditating. 32 users felt frustrated with meditation, because they never felt improvement and weren't confident that meditation was increasing their happiness.

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." -Peter Drucker

Enter HappyBeam.

HappyBeam is designed to measure your inner peace by building up the bridge between physical movements and mental fluctuations. It helps you have a peaceful mind, reduce stress and depression, and improves your meditations. The less movement and lower the score that HappyBeam detects, the more you improve.

HappyBeam runs alongside meditation apps to measure how a user moves during a meditation. The app calculates a movement score using a cutting-edge algorithm. Happy-peaceful scores are marked green, not-so-good scores are yellow, high-anxiety scores are red.

In the "Your Meditations Chart," users see their improving meditation scores across all their meditations. The history list shows a list of each session with a chart displaying when and how long they moved.

There are no other meditation apps that shows how a user is improving.

HappyBeam leverages the latest Android Wear technology so that users can measure motion with their smartwatch.

HappyBeam was built in 3 weeks for the Happiness Apps challenge.



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