We couldn't think of a project we both wanted to do — should we address a societal problem? Do something technically challenging hardware hack, in a field we were familiar with ? In the end, after about 20-30 hours of hemming and hawing, we decided we just wanted to have fun, and made the world's most useless and obnoxious Valentine's Day Chrome extension!

What it does

Who needs constant reminders about love, go celebrate yourself! We replace any mention of Valentine and romance, and every link redirects to a single empowerment songs playlist. Queen Bey gifs make an appearance, and your cursor becomes a meme cat. It's a very chaotic chrome extension.

For text replacements, we created a dictionary of romance-related words and possible creative replacements to select from. We also drew custom graphics for this project (cursor, backgrounds, other icons).

How we built it

We looked at tutorials online for making a Chrome extension and added our own flavor.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us know anything about front-end, so making a Chrome extension was a new learning process!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made something that made us laugh!

What we learned

How to badly front-end design.

What's next for Happy Valentine's Day

Being single.

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